Company History

Company History

Demerger from Indo Gold Limited (IGL); West Africa was identified as priority target area; formed wholly-owned subsidiary – Aforo Resources Limited (Aforo) and spent approximately $2.1M acquiring projects and conducting first pass exploration. Properties explored in Ghana, Liberia and Ivory Coast.


Aforo spun out of IGL in January 2012, shares distributed “in specie” to IGL shareholders; private seed raising at $0.10 raises $850,000.


The company appointed Ian S. Cooper to the position of Managing Director November 2014.


Rights issue to shareholders and others April 2015 raised $110,400 at $0.002.


Placement to IGL October 2016 raised $20,000 at $0.01.


Sale of Ivory Coast projects for US$225,000.


Currently 129,197,529 shares and 6 million options at $0.003 on issue and no debt.


JV/Option agreements signed to acquire the Niare, Yamane and Sao gold projects in Burkina Faso.



West African focused exploration

and development company


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