Niare Project

Location & Tenure

The Niare permit in Burkina Faso is located on the Kaya quadrangle some 106km north of the capital Ouagadougou and 7 km west of the city of Kongoussi, itself located 112 km from Ouagadougou by paved highway RN22 (see map below). The permit covers an area of 127.8 km².

The Project consists of a Permis de Recherche (PdR) and is on strike with the Kalsaka mine (Cluff) and hosts ~12 km of structures parallel to and within the Sabce shear zone, this structure hosting numerous gold shows and areas of significant artisanal workings throughout the tenement.

Regional Setting

The permit is located in the centre of the Goren Belt, consisting mainly of sedimentary and volcanic rocks. The geological environment of the district consists of Paleoproterozoic formations belonging to the Birimian basement. It contains both volcano-sedimentary and plutonic rocks metamorphosed during the Eburnean. The volcano-sedimentary and plutonic terrains are composed of masses of amphibolised basalts dispersed or intercalated into strips within the sedimentary schistose series and highly altered and weathered tuffs (laterite, saprolite). This schistose series also contains intercalations of intermediate to acidic volcanics. There are also intercalations of quartzites and cherts, as well as some injections of gabbro-diorite bodies of variable size.

The Goren Belt, is already home to three large mines operating within a radius of 20 km around the NIARE permit:

  • The Bissa Zandkom mine belonging to the BISSA GOLD SA subsidiary of Nordgold; average grade of 2.5 g/t, located 18 km as the crow flies southeast of NIARE (total 5.5 Moz);
  • The Kalsaka mine operated by KALSAKA MINING SA subsidiary of AMARA MINING; average grade of 1.5 g/t, located 16 km to the southwest by bird’s eye view of NIARE (care and maintenance) (total 0.6 Moz);
  • The Seguenega mine operated by Seguenega Mining SA also a subsidiary of AMARA MINING; average grade of 1.87 g/t, 19 km to the west from NIARE (total 0.6 Moz).

Regional Geology and Tenements


Regional Magnetics and Tenements


Niare and Yamane Geology and Targets


  • The permit, previously named “Sakou” belonged to High River Gold Exploration SARL (HRG), now a subsidiary of the Russian company Nordgold. This company undertook several research projects on the permit from 2003 to 2015; work included approximately 6000 metres of drilling post a resource statement in 2014.
  • Historical work included (see table next figure):
    • Geological mapping,
    • Litho-geochemistry and soil geochemistry (100 x 100 m) throughout the permit,
    • Geophysics (VLF-EM, induced polarization and magnetics),
    • Airborne geophysical surveys (magnetic, electromagnetic and radiometric),
    • Processing and interpretation of ASTER satellite imagery and aerial mapping,
    • Trenches, RAB drilling, core and RC drilling.
  • Formal resource statement extracted from the “2014 Nordgold Mineral Resources & Ore Reserves Overview” shows the Niare prospect (Lagongo) with a JORC (2012) Inferred Mineral Resource* of:
    • 2.23 Mt @ 1.36 g/t Au (for 98,000 ounces gold) at 0.5 g/t cut off grade*

* Note: Historical Mineral Resource not reported as JORC by Aforo – all underlying information would need to be confirmed before Aforo could quote as JORC resource.

ClassificationTonnes (kt)Grade (g/t Au)Gold (koz)
Measured & Indicated
  • Several “walk-up” drill targets
  • Five additional prospects in the PdR
  • A reference in the High River Gold report titled – “The Bissa Asset NI43_101 _20 July 2012” report shows a drill result of 35m @ 1.62g/t Au at the Niare prospect.

  • In 2012 HRG carried out a preliminary economic evaluation (PEA) at the Niare prospect (Lagongo).
  • Nordgold continued exploration through to 2014
  • Nordgold talk of additional drilling to be done, however the next report (2015) available on their website had no further information on the property (see table above showing list of work carried out by Nordgold, sourced from Nordgold’s website.)
  • Aforo is in the process of obtaining raw data over the Niare prospect to better evaluate its potential.

Aforo’s Preliminary Targeting 

  • Aforo’s assessment included a field visit during August 2017.
  • At Lagongo there is an area being mined by artisanal methods some 650 m long and at least 50 m wide (a Google Earth image shown below reveals significant, recent workings). In the main area, two parallel structures are being exploited.
  • There is potential for a significant deposit at this location. (Historically reported resource – Nordgold 2014).
  • A continuation of the mineralised structure is being exploited by artisanal miners in workings approx. 250m long some 750m to the ENE of the Lagongo area.
  • There is evidence of quartz vein stock working marginal to the diggings with stringers exposed after the rainy season and also in a drill pad cutting.

Niare Prospects and Targets

From Aforo’s initial field work and review of available, historic information, another 5 targets are identified for follow up.

Google Earth image shows Lagongo and extensions.


Niare Tenement – Lagongo prospect gold tail in pan of artisanal miner.

Niare Tenement – Lagongo prospect area of extensive artisanal workings.

Niare Tenement – Lagongo prospect photo taken from the ENE extension workings.

Niare Tenement – the ENE extension workings.

Niare Tenement – Lagongo prospect gold tail in pan of artisanal miner.

Niare Tenement – Lagongo prospect drill collar – between the collar and the workings zones of stringer quartz veining were observed.

Niare Tenement – Lagongo prospect artisanal workings, note sub-vertical stringer veining.

Niare Tenement – Lagongo prospect artisanal workings, note sub-vertical stringer veining.

Niare Tenement – Lagongo prospect drill pad cutting showing sub-vertical stringer quartz veining.

Niare Tenement – Lagongo prospect artisanal workings.



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